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We know what accounting is
eSoft Technologies has developed comprehensive Accounting Software. It consists on General Ledger, Financial Reports, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase, Local and Import, Sales, Inventory, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Job Order Costing and Knocking off modules. This software is specially designed for Job-Based accounting and generates job-wise profit and loss to reflect the jobwise gain/loss retained. It is a comprehensive tool that assists in chalking out business plans, keeps the position of receivables/payables always up to date, available on single click!

Key Features

  •     Chart of Accounts up to 10 levels
  •     Re-generate Voucher Number option
  •     Multiple Store Handling
  •     Email & Export Reports in Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and other formats
  •     User-defined Number of Digits in Chart of Accounts
  •     Comprehensive Security
  •     Complete Hyperlink Support In Reports
  •     Complete User Log Maintenance With User Log Reports
  •     Product File up to 5 levels
  •     Developed In Visual Basic 6.0 & SQL Server
  •     More Than 140 Static Reports
  •     Unlimited Dynamic Reports
  •     Unlimited List Reports
  •     Handle Multiple Companies Simultaneously

General Ledger and Knock off System

User Interface
1. Chart of Accounts 1. Ledger
2. Cash / Bank Book 2. Trial Balance (Detail & Level wise)
3. Sales / Purchase Book 3. Monthwise Comprehensive Trial Balance
4. Debit / Credit Note 4. Audit Trial
5. Journal Voucher 5. Account Summary Report
6. Adjusting Entries 6. Account Activity Report
7. Bank Reconciliation 7. Income Statement (Monthly and As On)
8. Job Adjustments 8. Balance Sheet
  9. Budget Variance Report


User Interface
1. Bill Adjustments 1. Bill-wise Aging Reports
  2. Party-wise Aging Reports


User Interface
1. Purchase Order 1. Purchase Order Report
2. Internal / External Receiving Challan 2. Receiving Challan Reports
3. Local / Import Purchase 3. Date-Wise Purchase Report
4. Debit Note 4. Product-Wise Purchase Report
  5. Party-Wise Purchase Reports


User Interface
1. Quotation 1. Sales Order Report
2. Sales Order 2. Delivery Challan Reports
3. Internal / External Delivery Challan 3. Date-Wise Sales Reports (Summary & Detail)
4. Sales Bill / Sales Tax Invoice 4. Product-Wise Sales Reports (Summary & Detail)
5. Credit Note 5. Party-Wise Sales Reports (Summary & Detail)


User Interface
1. Store File 1. Stock Ledger
2. Department File 2. Stock Reports (Detail & Level wise)
3. Product Master File 3 Stock Summary Report
4. Month Wise closing Stock 4. Stock Adjustment Reports
5. Inventory Adjustment 5. Stock Transfer Reports
6. Stock Transfer  


User Interface
  1. Sales Tax Return (All Formats)
  2. Sales Tax Return Summary
  3. Sales Tax Input/Output Register
  4. Party Wise Invoice Report


User Interface
1. Cash Voucher 1. Tax Challan
2. Bank Voucher 2. Tax Reports (Receivables & Payables)
  3. Sales Tax Input/Output Register
  4. Party Wise Invoice Report

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